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The Connected Calm Life Podcast

Lane Kennedy, Mindfulness Teacher and Calm Coach brings weekly mindful, calm moments and practices to support your life. She also has conversations with other women about living in recovery and beyond. In the longer conversation format, she and her weekly cohost dive into topics that matter. Topics include alcoholism, addiction, infertility, depression, postpartum, anxiety, children, and marriage situations... like divorce. Discover practices, tips, and ideas as you listen to other mothers, and guests who openly discuss their lives.

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Now What Society

This community will help you:
  • Stop negative habits self-talk and self-sabotage
  • Breakthrough your fear of what’s next
  • Release your doubts and fears about the future
  • Slay your growth mindset
  • Learn to get your needs met, now
  • Feel empowered and ready to love your new life 

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You're Sober! Now What? Podcast

Online besties, Tamar Medford and Lane Kennedy share their life experiences and hilarious adventures as two women living in long-term recovery. (Which is often messy!)
With over 35 years of continuous sobriety, Tamar & Lane support women over 40 who have hit the f*ck it button and find themselves asking WTF! Now What?

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Where "tired and fed up" Gen X women learn to live their best lives, without compromise!

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Overcome Obsessive Bad Habits

Let go of perfectionism and develop peace of mind, at any time. What you'll gain:

Clarity & Direction: Wake up every day knowing what the f*ck you want out of life and how to get it.

Peace of Mind: Become more flexible, loosen your tight grip and relax.

Healthy Habits: Learn how to break bad habits, eliminate the negative voice in your head and create new healthy habits effortlessly.

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Join the "Now What?!" Academy 

The "Now What?!" Academy is a robust program that will teach you how to:
  • Pause at disastrous moments.
  • Reframe obsessive thinking.
  • Develop more meaningful relationships with every person you come into contact with, including your amazon delivery person!
The most comprehensive program to let go of perfectionism and develop piece of mind, at any time.
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