Hey! I'm Tamar

I want to help those in recovery create a life so good for themselves that they never want to go back to their old way of living!

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Hey! I'm Tamar

I hope my story inspires you to believe that change is possible! 

Who I am today!

Hey everyone! My name is Tamar Medford and I'm a Neuro Change Method™ Master Practitioner, Performance consultant, Best-selling Author and host of The Road Beyond Recovery Podcast. Since overcoming my 20-year battle with drugs and alcohol in 2012, I am now on a mission to empower those in recovery to master their mind so they can overcome their limiting beliefs and create a life so good for themselves that they never want to go back to their old way of living. 

The Early Years

Yup this is me as a baby! You can see that fierce determination in my eyes with a little bit of sass. You gotta admit that those cheeks were pretty darn cute and I'm pretty sure I could get a smile out of most people at that age. 

I had a wonderful life growing up. I had a family who loved me which included my mom, dad and little brother. My childhood is filled with happy memories of riding my bike, picking on my little brother and lighting things on fire. Oops... did I say that out loud? The point is I had a lot of fun as a kid!



Growing Up

At the age of 14, I got drunk for the first time and I felt as though I had consumed liquid gold. This would fuel my 20-year journey into the world of addiction.

I turned to harder drugs in my mid 20's and ended up in places I never thought possible. This was also around the time that my weight started to increase and so the endless cycle of yo-yo dieting began! 

Oh and yes that picture of me with the lei around me head was my wedding night which I don't remember all that well. 

In late 2012 I hit my bottom. I sat on the floor with a bottle of pills and wanted to end it all.

Lucky for me my dog who sat beside me gave me a look that sparked a small desire to want to change. 

Start of a new life!

In 2012 I made the choice to turn my life around. I was tired of always feeling depressed, hopeless and defeated. It was time to get out of my pity pot and do something about it. 

That year I lost 75 lbs and decided to get sober. I started to take responsibility for the life I had created and cleaned up my mess. Even though I was financially bankrupt and had lost everything, I felt as though I got a second chance to create the life I've always wanted. I felt alive again. 

This is also when I decided to stop trying to control everything and decided to have a little faith. 


After a few years of complacency and getting too comfortable in my comfort zone, I finally made the decision to work on change my belief system and developing a growth mindset! 

I started to surround myself with people who helped me realize that my past was actually a gift I could use to help others change their lives. 

In 2019 I launched my Podcast and shortly after that I began my journey as an entrepreneur and started up my coaching business The Road Forward. Today I get to share my experience with others and empower them to realize that change is possible if you want it bad enough. I am no longer chained to my past and get to experience the freedom in knowing that everything I have been through was actually the key to discovering my purpose. As a result I have been able to create a life so good for myself that I never want to go back to my old way living. 

Hope Elevated

If you want to learn more you can read my full story by picking up a copy of my Amazon best-selling book, "Hope Elevated" Grab your copy today!

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